Southeastern Ecological-Community Psychology Conference

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As many of you know, the UNC Charlotte Community Psychology training program hosted the Southeastern Ecological-Community Psychology Conference (known as ‘Eco’ for short) this weekend. This annual conference is student-run; it is fully organized by the host student group. This year’s conference was terrific. Our UNC Charlotte team organized a Friday night social event (including brief mentoring sessions with community psychology faculty and practitioners), coordinated a full slate of presentations (symposia, roundtables, posters, paper presentations) at the Center City Building, and capped the conference off with a dinner and reception at the McColl Center for Art and Innovation. Roughly 90 – 95 attendees from 8 institutions (UNC Charlotte, University of Miami, NC State, Georgia State, NC Central, Winston-Salem State, University of South Carolina, University of West Georgia) and five agencies/nonprofits participated in this year’s conference. By all accounts, it was a job very well done. Particular thanks and kudos to Jackie Tynan – she chaired the organizing and planning committee, put ‘Eco’ on her shoulders, and demonstrated notable leadership in this substantial planning effort. The conference went off without a hitch, and we all know that there was a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes heavy lifting to pull that off. It is also important to congratulate the others on the committee and the volunteers who helped make the conference happen: Chair: Jackie Tynan Committee Members (listed alphabetically): Health Psychology – Community Psychology Concentration Doctoral Students: Jaimelee Behrendt-Mihalski, Drew Gadaire, Erin Godly-Reynolds, Kate Strater Hogan, Tom Laporte, Jackie Larson, Taylor Scott Community Psychology M.A. students: Caroline Griswold, Khalil Salim Psychology undergraduates: Kayli Grum Special thanks also to the Psychology Department and our Chair Fary Cachelin and to the Health Psychology Doctoral Program and our Director Virginia Gil-Rivas for their sponsorship and important contributions to the event. Also thanks to Health Psychology Graduate Student Association and Treasurer Paisley Lewis for securing funds to support the conference. We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge and thank Cyndi Hovis, Kristen Cudney, and Ebony Stancil from the Psychology Department. They were integral to this effort, particularly in managing the logistics and finances, such as setting up and paying vendors. We appreciate their assistance and their patience. Other volunteers who helped with the conference include Health Psych students Marie Hayes, Meredith Griffin, and Sydney Park and members of Jim Cook’s undergraduate Community Psychology Learning Community class. Everyone listed here contributed in needed and valuable ways (I’m terribly sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone), and they made a fantastic team. It was, without question, an excellent conference. I wanted to let you know that they all represented themselves, their programs, the department, and UNC Charlotte quite well. Please join me in commending them for their efforts.