PSYC 1101 Requirements

First Day PSYC 1101 Textbook Access

The Department of Psychological Science is committed to enhancing students’ understanding of the methods of psychological science. To further this goal, a Research Requirement has been included in the General Psychology Lecture and General Psychology Lab courses. One way of fulfilling this requirement is to participate directly in some of the varied types of research conducted by faculty and graduate students at UNC Charlotte. Such participation will provide first-hand knowledge of the research methods, hypotheses, and theoretical framework that is presently driving research in psychological science. Instructors in other courses may also choose to allow extra course credit for participation in research. Students may also satisfy the Research Requirement through the alternative of writing critiques of research reports from an approved reading list.

Department of Psychological Science Online Research Signup System

To facilitate student fulfillment of the Research Experience Requirement, the Department of Psychological Science has contracted with a vendor to provide a Research Scheduling System accessible via the Internet that will allow: (a) Students to sign up to participate in research projects and to monitor credits for participation; (b) Instructors to generate reports listing student credit for participation; and (c) Researchers to offer research participation appointments and to assign credit to students for participation.

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Online Research Signup System

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