Cognitive Science

Program Director: Dr. Doug Markant

The Cognitive Science Academy is an interdisciplinary community engaged in advancing the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge in cognitive science. The Academy provides an interdisciplinary approach to understand the processes and representations that are the basis to intelligent actions by building upon the strong academic programs that are already in place in its contributing departments—Psychology, Computer Science, Software and Information Systems, Philosophy, English, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

For students enrolled in Introduction to Cognitive Science (PSYC/ITCS 3216) course materials are available on the Cognitive Science Program’s Website.

What careers are available in Cognitive Science?

The skills acquired by cognitive science students are applicable in many career fields, particularly those associated with the information industry including telecommunications, information processing, medical analysis, data representation and retrieval, education, scientific research and multimedia design. Cognitive Science graduates can apply their skills to positions in human factors and computer-human interactions, artificial intelligence (creating computer systems that demonstrate what appears to be intelligent behavior), human performance testing, education, and neurological testing.

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