Armstrong, Laura
Assistant Professor

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Bennett, Jeanette
Associate Professor

I am an experimental health psychologist whose research examines how our experiences “get under the skin” via stress and affects our health, physical and mental. Although chronic stress can be detrimental on the body and mind, acute or manageable stress improves our cognitive, emotional, mental and physical functioning. We attempt to understand how acute, healthy […]

Blanchard, Anita

Education: B.S., M.S.: UNC Chapel Hill M.A., Ph.D.: Claremont Graduate University I study online and Face-to-face groups. In the VICE lab, we study how groups are perceived as groups as well as how people perceive larger entities as communities. My students study leadership, identification, and entitativity and the relationship among them. If you are interested […]

Buch, Kimberly K
Colvard 4023

Undergraduate research assistants are welcome to join my team doing a range of studies on hunger and food insecurity among college students and related social justice topics. Students also assist with active research and program evaluations of on-campus student success initiatives (including the Jamil Niner Student Pantry and Community Garden) and service learning and engaged […]

Canevello, Amy
Colvard 4029

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Case, Andrew
Assistant Professor
Colvard 4037

Place is a concept important to several disciplines including psychology. It is the name given to geographical space that is imbued with meaning and significance by those who inhabit it. For instance, cities and neighborhoods are places; they evoke senses of attachment, belonging, and identity among many residents. They also provide access to resources and […]

Chiarella, Maria Carla
Senior Lecturer

Education: B.A.: Central College, Pella, IA M.S., Ph.D.: Colorado State University Specific Research Interests: Identity development in childhood through emerging adulthood with emphasis on socio-cultural (i.e., gender and ethnicity) and socio-emotional (i.e., interpersonal relationships and emotional regulation) influences. Active learning (service learning, practicums, and study abroad) experiences effects on student comprehension of academic material and […]

Davenport, Meg

Education: B.A., Psychology, Rice University M.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Rice University Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Rice University (expected December 2023) Curriculum Vitae Research Interests: Workplace aging, motivation, workplace learning, training, job search, lifespan development Meghan’s research focuses on workplace aging- specifically, how lifespan development influences motivation at work. One of her research streams focuses broadly on aging […]

Demakis, George

Education: B.S.: Loyola University Chicago M.S., Ph.D.: Virginia Tech Specific Research Interests: Neuropsychological correlates to Parkinson’s disease Detection of malingering Recovering from traumatic brain injury Meta-analysis Cognitive and psychological aspects of civil and criminal competency Dr. Demakis’s Webste

Faust, Mark
Associate Professor
Colvard 4041

Education: B.A.: University of Washington M.S., Ph.D.: University of Oregon My lab conducts research on how people pay attention, avoid distraction, and switch between mental tasks (aspects of cognitive control) while performing a range of cognitive tasks involving, visual attention, memory, language, and decision making. Research projects use computerized cognitive testing and EEG (scalp recording […]

Gadaire, Andrew
Assistant Professor
Colvard 4007