Galati, Alexia
Associate Professor
Colvard 4027

Dr. Galati’s Website

Gaultney, Jane
Colvard 4008

I study cognition and behavior in children and adults with sleep disorders. I also investigate links between sleep and ADHD, academic performance, memory, motivation, health, and risk-taking behavior in children and adults. I received my Ph.D. in Cognitive Developmental Psychology at Florida Atlantic University. I am currently a professor at UNC Charlotte and have numerous […]

Gil-Rivas, V.

Dr. Gil-Rivas’s Website

Godly-Reynolds, Erin
Assistant Teaching Professor
Colvard 4026
Heggestad, Eric
Colvard 4046

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Kilmer, Ryan

As a child clinical-community psychologist, my interests center around children and families and: (a) factors influencing the development of children at-risk for emotional, behavioral, and/or academic difficulties, particularly risk and resilience and youngsters’ adjustment to trauma; and (b) the use of evaluation research to guide system change, program refinement, service delivery, and policy. If interested […]

Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Jennifer

Dr. L-R is a Clinical Psychologist who has amassed over 175 peer-reviewed publications across her career. The majority of these publications focus on intimate partner and family violence (e.g., stalking, sexual assault, physical abuse, and the intergenerational transmission of relationship behaviors), and young adult engagement in risky, unhealthy, suicidal, and/or life-diminishing behaviors. Most recently, Dr. […]

Levens, Sara
Associate Professor
Colvard 4033

Research Interests: Emotion Executive control and working memory Neural and genetic mechanisms underlying emotion processing and cognition Adaptive and maladaptive behaviors and decisions fMRI, DTI, behavioral genetics, lesion research and behavioral methodologies Dr. Leven’s Website

Lyerly, Jordan
Lecturer & Undergraduate Coordinator
Colvard 4036
Markant, Doug
Assistant Professor
Colvard 4022

Research Interests: Learning Metacognition Decusuib Making Cognitive Science Dr. Markant’s Website

McGonagle, Alyssa
Associate Professor
Colvard 4034

I am an Associate Professor of Psychology and Organizational Science. My research focuses on worker health, safety, and well-being. I am currently working on research related to preventing disability discrimination at work, understanding factors that relate to workers’ perceptions of their work ability, and designing an intervention to promote work ability and quality of work […]

Montanaro, Erika
Associate Professor
Colvard 4032