Peach, Hannah
Associate Chair of Student Success
Colvard 4020

I am interested in the biological, psychological, social, and behavioral antecedents and consequences of poor sleep. My research examines predictors of poor sleep, such as attitudes and sleep hygiene, as well as the impact of sleep on health and behavior. We are currently studying sleep habits as a risk factor for the notorious “freshman fifteen” […]

Peterman, Amy
Associate Professor

Dr. Peterman’s Website

Reeve, Charlie
Colvard 4010

My current research stems from a cognitive epidemiological framework which seeks to better elucidate the influence of intellectual capacities on individual and group differences in health-related beliefs, decision making, and behaviors, and health outcomes. Cognitive epidemiology emphasizes the incorporation of individual difference factors (particularly intellectual and personality) into the study of health to better disentangle […]

Rogelberg, Steven
Colvard 4025

Chancellor’s Professor and Professor of Psychology Colvard 4025 704-687-1351 sgrogelb@charlotte.edu Dr. Rogelberg’s Website Education: B.S.: Tufts University M.A., Ph.D.: University of Connecticut I do research on team effectiveness, leadership, engagement, health and employee well-being, meetings at work, and organizational research methods. Contact me directly if interested in engaging in research.

Scott, Victoria
Assistant Professor
Colvard 4035

In the Collective Wellness lab, we are committed to social improvement. Our work involves collaborating with students, researchers, and community members to cultivate a more equitable, healthy and compassionate society that promotes justice. We are currently engaged in three domains of research: integrated care, maternal and infant wellness, and organizational development. Prospective research assistants (RA) […]

Shanock, Linda

Throughout my career I have done extensive work involving perceived organizational support. I have been interested in POS largely because there are many well-being outcomes when one feels supported and cared about by their work organization. I plan to continue to work in the employee well-being area generally, with future research focusing on the physical […]

Smith, Aimee
Assistant Professor
Colvard 4048

Dr. Smith is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological Science and the Health Psychology PhD Program. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Health Service Provider in North Carolina. She attended Winthrop University for her bachelor’s in Psychology, then completed her doctoral studies at Kent State University. She completed her predoctoral internship and postdoctoral […]

Van Wallendael, Lori
Associate Professor
Colvard 4012

Dr. Van Wallendael’s Website

Webb, Jennifer
Associate Professor

Our research program studies the positive psychology of eating, body image, and weight among ethnically-diverse women across the lifespan (e.g., during college, pregnancy, and the postpartum). Our lab integrates mixed methods and our work is grounded in the confluence of multicultural, feminist, functional contextualist, compassion-focused, embodiment, and Health at Every Size® philosophical perspectives. If you […]