About Us

Started almost 30 years ago, the I/O Psychology MA degree program has had a long and successful history at UNC Charlotte. The program has traditionally attracted a large pool (over 100 each year) of top applicants who, upon graduation, go on to find success in the field.

Each year, we get numerous calls from people working in HR functions in Charlotte-area companies who are interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills that a degree in I/O psychology provides. Unfortunately, most of these people were not able to enroll in our program given that it was offered as a traditional, full-time (i.e., daytime) on-campus program. It is simply not possible for most people to take two years away from work to obtain the MA degree.

To help meet the needs of this group of people living and working in our community, we now offer the program on nights and weekends. We feel that the program will provide a valuable service to these individuals and to their work organizations.

Please note that while we have transitioned the program to make it more accessible to working professionals, having relevant work experience is desirable, but not a prerequisite of the program.