Careers in I-O Psychology

The I-O Psychology M.A. degree offers many possible career paths. Some of our alumni continued on to earn their Ph.D., and many went straight into great jobs in the applied world.

To give prospective and current students, alumni, and other community members a sense of the possible jobs they can do with our degree we recorded a brief video about some potential jobs and work settings in I-O psychology.

The list in the video is not exhaustive but it is intended to give you a sense of where you might work, and in what roles, across various experience levels. We are extremely proud of the successes of our alumni! They are having wonderful careers in a wide variety of jobs related to I-O psychology including positions in leader development and coaching, organizational change and development, talent analytics, talent management, talent acquisition, learning and development, and more.

For more information about career paths in I-O psychology, see also the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s website.